• Dicasalarin Cove

    Baler, Aurora | no rating

    Dicasalarin Cove is a private white beach in Baler, Aurora. A piece of Paradise famous for its white sand, crystal blue beach, The Lighthouse and stunning views you can’t find anywhere else.

    Dicasalarin Cove is a secluded white sand beach where the verdant Sierra Madre foothills meet the Pacific Ocean. Dark, thickly forested hills contrast with the striking white shoreline. There are no resorts, no facilities on this fine stretch of sand. A freshwater river, flowing from the mountains beyond, trickles out to the sea. Dicasalarin Cove's stunning beauty and relative isolation certainly make it one of Baler's best-kept secrets.

    Though it is possible to take a short boat ride along Aurora?s rough coastal waters, hiking to Dicasalarin is the way to go. The adventure will entail passing through most of Baler?s barangays, climbing up to a hilltop weather station where the vistas are breathtaking, tramping through lush forests, scrambling across rocky shores and finally to the desolate beach where the beauty is as rough as the crashing waves of the Pacific.

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  • Paradiso de Casiguran

    Casiguran, Aurora | no rating

    A camp and picnic place in front of the Pacific Ocean. Takes pride on its front view access to a tidal pool and a long stretch of white sand beach.

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  • Windyhill Agritourism Park

    Dingalan, Aurora | no rating

    We, at Windyhill wants you to have the best vacation – that much needed rest – that's why we aim to give you a preview of our place before you decide if our place is the one for you. 

    We want to guarantee that the time and budget you have chosen to spend with us are all worth it. 

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