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Welcome to KiudKad - The Last Resort! First things first, we’re not a resort!

KiudKad is an artist’s commune in the middle of nowhere run by a ragtag assembly of free-spirited characters—the Daldagoons.

It’s a sandbox for adventurous souls who want to experience nature in its purest form! Enjoy Ridge to Reef activities ranging from trekking the seemingly endless rolling cogon hills, to free-diving the live coral reefs, or chilling at the surrounding cream-colored beach!

Kiudkad is found in Barangay San Ramon (Daldagon), a pacific-facing sleepy fishing community in the Municipality of Siruma, Camarines Sur in the Philippines.

But be warned: Our home is not for everyone. It’s not what you’d call luxurious. It’s quiet, raw, and unapologetic. But if you want to experience off-grid living in the middle of paradise, then this is the place for you.

Again, we’re not a resort.

This is our home and our hideaway, but we do welcome like-minded people! We are happy to share our home and our experiences with you.

Pets are allowed


  • Tent


  • Car

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