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About Pearl Beach Camp

We are located in Medellin, Cebu. The new beach car camping in the north. Park all you can!

Pearl Beach Camp offers car camping where you can just roll into a spacious 4 hectares property and set up camp! You can choose wherever you’d like to set up: among the trees and under the shade, on the soft sand close to the beach, or by the sea on a spot atop a cliff!

You won’t even have to worry about staying too close to other campers. Unlike other camps, separate groups can camp safely and comfortably. Huts, rooms, and a house are also available for rent if you prefer.

Away from the bustling city and the highways of Cebu, Pearl Beach Camp is peaceful and quiet. A soothing sea breeze constantly drifts over the site, bringing with it calm and relaxing vibes.

The car camp also has a private beach with different spots to choose from. Select between sandy-and-shady, cliffy, or sandy-and-sunny camp spots and give yourself a unique camping experience!

To top it all off, the campsite boasts beautiful views. A drowsy view of Mt. Kanlaon sleeps in the distance on Negros Island behind a blue sea of lazy waves. Then, right before nighttime, a breathtaking sunset fills the sky in full view from camp.

The car camp makes grounds for a convenient camping experience with all the beauty of nature!

Pets are allowed


  • Tent


  • Motorcycle

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