• Ben-Cab RiverView Campsite

    Nagcarlan, Laguna | no rating

    Ben-Cab RiverView Campsite is a riverside camping ground located in Brgy. Cabuyew, Liliw, Laguna. A forestry Campsite, secluded and secured. Serene place where you can relax, pitch tent and enjoy the relaxing sound of the river.

    The Ben-Cab RiverView Campsite is a tourist spot for camping enthusiasts. It’s good for tourists who want to stay away from the mess because the place is quiet and it’s clean with everything you see here. Indeed, you can also enjoy scenic views because it’s also an overlooking campsite and you can feel more of the view when there are delicious meals next to you. Moreover, they also offer the dish for you, so you don’t have a hard time cooking and you have a lot of options on their menu so it’s going to be interesting because you’re going to feel relaxed.

    Additionally, they have a small variety store here with wine available throughout the day. There is no river crossing here, no rough road, and no hiking and trekking so we are safe here. Especially, you just have to prepare your essentials for camping. You also have plenty of options to stay here because you can reserve here tipi huts, elevated huts, big elevated huts, attic rooms, tent pitching, and tent rentals. Without a doubt, it’s worth paying for it because they provide a good service. Above all, there are many activities you can try to make your experience exciting here.

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