• Sison's Cavana Campsite

    Rodriguez, Rizal | no rating

    The services we provide are: camping, hiking, trekking, boat riding, bonfire, star gazing, team building, boodle fight and talangka hunting.

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  • Tagpuan Camp & Ecopark

    Tanay, Rizal | no rating

    Tagpuan Camp and Ecopark is an ecotourism initiative geared towards aiding the Cayabu community and LGU in keeping this parcel of land a productive natural resource.

    We define ecotourism as the “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the wellbeing of the local people and involves interpretation and education” (TIES, 2015)

    While the primary purpose is to be able to provide temporary lodging for Tanay tourists, another purpose is to attract even more tourists to come and visit other natural attractions. The glamping site will be the gateway for nature trips to the popular mountains of Cayabu, Ayngat, and Maynuba and the famed 8 Waterfalls. Additionally, Tagpuan Ecopark will serve as a hub for social entrepreneurship that will provide economic opportunities for the Indigenous People (IP) of Brgy. Cayabu.

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  • Tampisaw Camping Site

    Tanay, Rizal | no rating

    Tampisaw Camping Site is a riverside campsite located in Tanay, Rizal. A perfect place to calm your mind and body as you connect with nature.


    Exclusive Rental

    • Daytime: 10:00AM - 6:00PM
    • Overnight: 10:00AM - 9:30AM
    • Additional ₱100/pax over 15
    • Free - 8yo below


    2 - 6pax

    • Daytime: ₱2,500
    • Overnight: ₱3,500

    7 - 15pax

    • Daytime: ₱3,000
    • Overnight: ₱4,000

    Fri Sat Sun & Holiday

    • Daytour: ₱4,000
    • Overnight: ₱5,000

    P1,500 DP (GCash)

    • First to Pay, First to Reserve Basis
    • NO walk in,
    • NO signal,
    • NO electricity, BUT surrounded with SOLAR LIGHTS
    • May connect to WIFI for Viber, FB (Msgr)

    Amenities/Inclusions on Exclusive Rental

    • Access to ilog
    • Mini pool
    • Kubo w/fan good for 12-15pax
    • Tent - 2sets
    • Open Cottage
    • 2 CR
    • Lutuan kahoy
    • Ihawan
    • Basic cooking & kitchen utensils
    • Mini Store
    • Pets - Rabbits, Birds, Fish, Ducks and Turtle
    • May buy Wifi voucher from nearby campsite

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  • Tanay Highlands

    Tanay, Rizal | no rating

    Tanay Highlands is a full service restaurant, camping, and events venue dedicated to give the visitors a comforting and fulfilling experience through refined comfort food and scenic viewdeck of Rizal Province.

    Just an hour away from the busy Metro, Tanay Highlands boasts naturally cool mountain air, paired with a view that includes parts of Metro Manila, Rizal, Laguna and Quezon Province, along with clear views of Pililla Wind Farm, Talim Islands, Laguna Lake, Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Makiling.

    Together with our picturesque views, enjoy every party, event and gatehering with our wide open garden setting that can accommodate up to 100 guests, and our 250 - seater covered Pavilion situated at the heart of the property.

    You may also book your camping trip with us - with privacy, and perfect nature experience.

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  • Tara sa Gulod

    Tanay, Rizal | no rating

    Tara sa Gulod is a simple campsite that would give you an unforgettable experience. Nestled in Tanay, the picturesque site offers panoramic views of the Sierra Madre Mountain range. If you’re looking for a stress-free zone, this is definitely one.

    "If You Never Go, You Will Never Know"

    Come on, leave the road and take the trails. Escape and breathe the air of new places. Go pack your backpack and stuff your eyes with wonder. #TarasaGulod

    Daytour walk-in is allowed.
    Overnight is strictly upon reservation as we limit the number of guests.


    • DayTour - ₱120/pax (5AM - 5PM)
    • OverNight - ₱250/pax (4PM - 9AM)
    • Tent Pitching Fee - ₱100
    • Tent Rental Fee - ₱700 up to 3pax (waterproof with rubber mat)


    • Open Cottage : Daytour - ₱300 / Overnight - ₱500
    • Kubo Room - ₱2,000 up to 8pax
    • Majestic Mountain House - ₱5,500 up to 10pax
    • Gulod Transient House - ₱5,500 up to 10pax


    • Prenup, Business Promotions, Other Pictorial and Video Shoots  ₱500/pax for 4 Hours; excess hours ₱120/head per hour
    • FREE Children 6 years old below
    • FREE Campsite Parking
    • No Corkage Fee
    • Motor Habal - ₱150/pax one way to camping site
    • Motor/Trike Habal - ₱60/pax one way, need to trek 5AM to 6PM only, beyond time - fee depends on the driver
    • Multicab Habal - ₱700/4pax one way to camping site / ₱150/pax for 5 to 8 persons (# of persons depend on baggage)
    • We accept request for an exclusive visit except Friday, Saturday,  Sunday and during holidays. 

    How to get there:

    From Cubao:

    • Ride a fx bound to cogeo gate 2. May terminal po near mrt station, in front of jollibee or along aurora blvd meron po mga jeep. Fare: FX - ₱40.00 / Jeep - ₱36.00
    • Drop off at cogeo jollibee near overpass then turn right. After ng palengke po may 7-11 store on the left side, then makikita nyo na po ang terminal ng mga jeep.
    • Ride a jeep bound to Sampaloc Tanay and drop off at Sitio Mayagay 1 or Martessem. Ang byahe po is every 30 minutes from 6am to 5pm. Fare is ₱60.00
    • Enter Mayagay 1 and then follow the road going to Brgy. Laiban then turn left sa may intersection with Gulod Signage po.
    • Bikes, motorcycles and 4x4 cars can enter up to the site.
    • During rainy season if sobrang maputik po, you might need to trek for about 15-30 minutes from the intersection up to the site

    Friendly Reminders:

    • Best time to be there to enjoy the sea of clouds and sunrise is between 5am to 7am. Trekking is 20 to 30 minutes.
    • Expect many guest especially during weekends.
    • Safety First. Guest should only walk through designated trails to prevent accidents.
    • Wear appropriate clothes and footwears. Expect cold weather.
    • Don't forget your flashlights & powerbanks.
    • With signal for all network users. No electricity. With comfort rooms but shower is not allowed as water source is limited only.
    • Bring all your essentials before going to the site.
    • Don't leave your valuables unattended.
    • Smoking is only allowed on the designated areas.
    • Liquors max of 3 bottles for safeness.
    • Lights off at 11:00 PM. Please observe silence and respect other guest. No shouting in the middle of the night.
    • Picking of flowers, fruits and other plants is not allowed.
    • Please ask for assistance.
    • Any damage to property will be penalize.
    • 3rd Offense Warning, guest will be ask to leave the camping site. No refunds will be made.
    • Practice "Leave No Trace". Don't leave your trash.
    • New Normal Guidelines: Hand washing/sanitizing, wearing of  face mask and following proper physical distancing.


    SEA OF CLOUDS IS NOT GUARANTEED TO APPEAR AT ALL TIME. It depends on the weather condition. Please manage your expectation as this is a private property and is still under development. We are not associated with anyone, directly coordinate to the above mentioned person please.

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  • Tatlong Bato Campsite

    Antipolo, Rizal | no rating

    Tatlong Bato Campsite is a place where you leave behind the hassle of modern life, a place where you can enjoy being outdoors and surrounded by peace and nature, also it gives you the chance to appreciate the views and a gentle way of life.

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  • The Playground

    Baras, Rizal | no rating

    The Playground at CVM EcoPark (previously called CVM Orchard and Eco-Park) is an excursion site located in Rizal that offers several activities such as biking, camping, team building, ATV and animal feeding.

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  • The Playground

    Baras, Rizal | no rating

    The Playground at CVM EcoPark (previously called CVM Orchard and Eco-Park) is an excursion site located in Rizal that offers several activities such as biking, camping, team building, ATV and animal feeding.

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  • The Preserve - Cayabu, Tanay

    Tanay, Rizal | no rating

    The Preserve - Cayabu, Tanay

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  • The Private Camp: Daraitan (Private camping /campsite in Tanay Rizal near Manila)

    Tanay, Rizal | no rating

    The Private Camp: Daraitan Be one with nature with exclusivity. OUR MISSION: For you to experience the rawness of nature with privacy and security. Things to do: -Unwind -River Swimming/Hiking -Campfire Sessions -Visit Daraitan Summit and Tinipak River

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